Your step-by-step guide to applying Mineral Makeup

Are you new to mineral makeup? Today many women choosing to put down their bottles of liquid foundation and opt for the light and fluffy dusting of minerals on their skin.

The benefits of mineral makeup are second to none; it’s good for your skin, it’s nourishing, and contains no artificial ingredients. The application of mineral makeup can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience because you are not putting natural ingredients onto your skin; you are pampering it with luxurious mineral infused powders.

Mineral makeup is incredibly easy to apply and finished look brings your best face forward. The long-lasting color gives you countless options for daytime to nighttime looks.

#1. Begin with a clean face!

Start by cleaning your face thoroughly with your usual cleanser , as starting with completely fresh and clean surface is the best way to begin. A gentle exfoliator is usually best if you haven’t got sensitive skin. Leave your skin to settle for a few minutes before taking the next step.

#2. Moisturize!

Minerals like to ‘bond’ and adhere to your skin and if your face is a little on the dry side they may not stick around as long as they’d like too. With clean fingers, ensure you moisturise your face and neck beforehand with a good quality moisturiser. Ensure you wait at least 10 minutes before applying the mineral makeup so the moisturiser can settle into your skin properly.

#3. Mineral Concealer to cover it up!

Begin with your mineral concealer to combat and redness, dark circles, pigmentations or spots. Apply your mineral concealer to the uneven skin tones such as the under eye area and the corners of your nose. Gentle dab the concealer onto the skin and blend it in using light dabbing motions. Concealers should be an unmissable part of your makeup application routine. We love to apply the concealer with a small brush such as this synthetic concealer brush.

#4. Less Makeup is More Natural Beauty!

The great thing about mineral foundation is that a little goes an awful long way. Pour a small amount of the mineral foundation (or eye shadow etc.) into the lid of the pot as this helps avoid using large amounts you don’t need and keeps things tidy too. Once you have done this a few times you will begin to understand the perfect amount you need for optimum coverage.

MINERAL MAKEUP INSIDER TIP: The brush is the most important tool you will use for applying mineral foundation so ensure you invest in an excellent quality one and you will reap the rewards.

#5. Brush is loaded and ready for application!

After your brush is loaded, dab it off on the side of the pot of the sifter jar to dust off any excess powder. Apply the makeup in gentle circular motions on the skin so you get a well evened out coverage and repeat several times all over the face paying attention to all areas including under the chin and near the ears.

#6. Blush or Bronzer for that Rosy Glow!

Now you can add that beautiful blush or bronzer depending on your preference and the occasion. Again, apply the blusher/bronzer to your brush in exactly the same way as the foundation. Using a circular motion apply the blusher to the apples of the cheeks then going upwards towards the ears.

#7. Final touch with a mineral Veil!

Use a mineral veil for a finishing touch after you have applied the foundation and makeup as it will hold the mineral makeup in place for longer and adds to the flawless glow! Makeup will hold much longer with this setting powder so never avoid skipping it, perfection is the key!

So there you have it, you are now fully prepped to be able to apply your mineral makeup effortlessly and perfectly to achieve flawless and beautiful coverage with a few top tips thrown in along the way! Applying mineral makeup is never a chore; it’s a beauty treatment that can be enjoyed by you and your skin.