Lemongrass Spa


Curious about what all the excitement is about? Right from the beginning Lemongrass Spa starts with the very best ingredients that are hand selected for their high quality and effectiveness. Ingredients like:

  • Organically grown, steam distilled pure essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, peppermint, spearmint, sandalwood & lemongrass.
  • Therapeutic and hydrating aloe vera, shea butter, mango butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, olive butter, apricot kernel oil and almond oil for healthier skin.
  • Natural colorants such as beet juice powder and carrot juice.
  • Fruit extracts such as pomegranate, raspberry seed and cucumber.
  • Sugar, oatmeal, Dead Sea salt and other ingredients that are so natural you could eat them!


Here’s a reference guide to the natural ingredients that Lemongrass Spa uses: Natural_Ingredients_Guide

Do  you have concerns with the ingredients in your skincare products? Let me share with you the Top Ten list of ingredients to avoid: Ingredients-to-Avoid-flyer

Lemongrass Spa is committed to offering safe products for the entire family. In order to protect some of our water-based formulations from bacteria or mold, Lemongrass Spa uses skin-safe, paraben-free preservatives (less than 0.5% by weight) such as sodium benzoate, gluconolactone, grapefruit seed extract (3rd party tested for purity), optiphen and soy-free Vitamin E oil. Some of the Lemongrass Spa formulas include fragrance oils that are phthalate-free for your peace of mind.

How can I help you get Lemongrass Spa products for yourself?

Who better can help you, than someone who LOVES Lemongrass Spa? I love sharing these amazing head-to-toe body care products with EVERYONE! You can purchase direct from me using this link: www.YourLemongrassGirl.com

Better contact me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/YourLemongrassGirl to book a live Facebook Spa Party!! When you host a Facebook Spa party, you’ll be spoiled with FREE Lemongrass Spa products of your choice, as will as other goodies from me. Lemongrass Spa also has month-to-month hostess special, to spoil you even more. Here’s what you get for sharing Lemongrass Spa with your friends:


I’m proud to represent a company that not only cares about what they put into their products, they care about what they give to the others! Serving others & giving back is a big part of the foundation that Lemongrass Spa was built on. With the help of consultants and customers, Lemongrass is able to make donations to small organizations and families in crisis through the Giving Back Fun.

YOU can help too!!


Lemongrass has created a few products to help make life a little brighter for those who need it most, by creating thoughtful gift sets, that are available for you to purchase and donate or give to someone that you choose. My favorite Giving Back is our operation Freedom Feet.  Would you like to help by making a purchase? It’s super easy & Lemongrass Spa will ship to either someone stationed over seas or here right in the USA.

To make a purchase: Freedom Feet Purchase



Why choose Lemongrass Spa!

For me, the answer is easy … Healthy, Safe and Oh, So Amazing! But seriously, choosing products that are good for your skin, not only helps you stay away from chemicals that can harm your body, I believe that it is the best thing for anti-aging! Our skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs everything directly into your bloodstream. I dare you to take a look a look at the ingredients listed on your skincare products, google them and see for yourself what they can do to your health. This is what you get with Lemongrass Spa:

  • Made in the USA
  • Affordably priced
  • Woman-owned
  • Gluten-free, phthalate-free, sulfate free
  • No parabens, no SLS, no isopropyl alcohol
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Beneficial botanicals and plant extracts
  • No animal testing
  • Outstanding customer service and support

I would love to help you GO GREEN from head-to-toe!  Contact me via email, phone or connect with me on Facebook to here about my special bundle pricing, for your best deal.

Your Lemongrass Girl,                                                                                                               Cheryl



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